After being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force in the late seventies, our founder Mark Reese and his wife Janet, moved back to his home state of California. Having been trained as a paramedic, Mark intended to pursue a career in the Los Angeles Fire Department though he soon discovered the immense waiting list accompanying his goal. Without choice, He was forced to look for temporary work outside of his skill set. Listening to his sister, he took a job with a friend at a local cabinet shop. After only six months, Mark was hooked.

While understanding abstract plans, Mark realized that he could not only envision everything necessary to build the cabinetry presented to him, but execute unique designs from his own imagination. In less than a year, Mark opened his very own business in 1979 called Mark T. Reese Cabinet Designs.

Mark and Janet were doing well but as their family expanded, Mark reconsidered their move to California. Preferring a small town influence for his children over the Los Angeles lifestyle, with prayer he sold his business in 1985 and relocated to Montgomery, AL. Never losing the desire to own his own business again, he patiently waited and managed other woodworking companies.

One day, an opportunity finally presented itself. Mark happened to overhear another general contractor complaining that he was “unable to find a cabinet shop capable of building a large, complex, piano shaped cashier counter with inlayed glass.” The rest, is history.

Mark rented a small temporary shop to complete this project but when word of his abilities and craftsmanship spread, the requests for him to take on more work, increased. As he grew, he knew that it was only by the grace of God that he was where he was and thus “Grace Fabrications” was officially born.

Meet The Partners

In 2008, Grace Fabrications became a Limited Liability Corporation with Mark’s sons, Chad and Cole as his talented partners. Growing up with sandpaper in one hand and a screw gun in other, they were bound to follow in Mark’s footsteps. While Cole’s strength is in the sales, construction, and installation of cabinetry, Chad’s talent lies in expert finishing, detailing with every modern technique available.

Within two years of joining as partners, Chad and Cole were able to operate the entire business. While all three partners can do each other’s job, together they create an overall efficiency that surpasses average expectations.

Just like Mark, Chad and Cole are both family oriented which is evident when communicating with clientele. Whether young or old, modern or traditional style cabinetry, they are able to discover ways to create classy looks with full functionality. Their range of assignments has distinguished Grace Fabrications as one of the most diverse talents around.