Typically, two or three meetings are needed before we can begin construction of your cabinetry.

The first meeting will be held in our showroom Please bring a set of blueprints AND your appliance/equipment selections (brands and model numbers). If you have any magazine pictures or sketches, please bring them also. We will go over your budget and what is “standard” and what is an “option”. Styles, materials and colors for cabinetry and countertops will also be discussed. During our meeting, we can create some preliminary sketches of your cabinetry.

A few days after the first meeting, you will be given a proposal based on the measurements from your blueprint and any options/upgrades discussed at our first meeting. Please be aware that this is an estimate and additional options/upgrades/changes will be quoted and added to the original proposal.

After the framing and rough plumbing are completed, we will go to your home site. We will review the preliminary shop drawings/layout and take final measurements.

The next meeting will again be in our showroom. The completed shop drawings will be reviewed and signed. Styles, materials, colors, and hardware selections will be finalized at this meeting.


As stated above, the proposal is an estimate and the final price is subject to any additions and changes. Also included in your proposal is the Scope of Work specifying the areas of your home for which we will be building cabinetry. The Specifications section identifies the style, materials, finishes, and hardware being used. Payment Terms outlines the payment amounts and when they are due.